Your One Stop Education Communication Source.

Triangle Communications, LLC was founded to help you in your education endevours. 

Our Promise

Triangle Communications Provides the Products, Solutions, and Services Required for Today’s Campus or District Security Needs. Leading the Pack in Educational Solutions to Enhance Safety in Next-generation voice, video, and data solutions. Triangle Communications helps connect administrators, security, teachers, faculty, and other team members to improve operating efficiency and enhance school safety.  We can create a system for one system to a district to facilities states or miles away. 

Our portfolio of two-way radios, video surveillance systems, and other wireless networking solutions are designed to boost collaboration, reduce response time and, prevent small issues from escalating. At the push of a button, any staff member can relay clear, concise information to increase efficiency and create a safer environment. 

Keeping everyone informed and engaged is a proven strategy for success as your team focuses on the core mission of educating students. In addition to the classroom, education professionals supervise and manage other daily activities such as bus transportation, breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, recess on the playground, sporting and extracurricular events, and special programs. Plus, efficient facilities management requires connecting maintenance, custodial, grounds care, and other teams.  

Ask us about a Push to Talk Solution that can also work with traditional two-way radios.  You can have employees at the hardware store and hear the call for a Lock Down at one school and allowing you to relay lock down information to  the entire district and or police department remotely.   

Our service

Portable Two-Way Radios ensure reliable wireless communications in an emergency because they can work independently of landline and cellular networks. Radios also instantly increase day-to-day productivity by notifying teachers, administrators, and maintenance staff of an intruder, weather alert, water leak, board meeting change, transportation issue, security incident, or other important messages. Two-way radios can also be programmed as access control tools to lock/unlock doors and gates. 

Mobile Two-Way Radios in school buses keep drivers in touch, help manage transportation routes, and can be used as base stations for administrators to coordinate operations and messaging. GPS options are also available, never lose track of where a bus is located. Our team at Triangle Communications is responsible for installing and maintaining these systems. We install, test, repair, and upgrade radio frequency systems. We also assemble systems, test signal strength, maintain records, troubleshoot technical problems, and instruct customers on the proper equipment use. The newest technology we offer is Hytera HALO, a Push-to-Talk over Cellular & Wi-Fi system that is currently revolutionizing “Nextel” type communications in conjunction with standard digital Two-Way Radio communications. The HALO product has nationwide coverage.