Your One Stop Construction Communication Source.

Triangle Communications, LLC was founded to help you in your construction endevours. 

Our Promise

Enhance Team Connectivity and Keep Projects on Track with Our Customized Communication Solutions, Including Two-Way Radios and More. Foster Superior Communication and Collaboration to Maintain Team Efficiency. Effective communication and coordination are crucial for keeping projects on schedule and within budget, while also enhancing safety on construction sites. Never lose track of your employees or vehicles with GPS software and tracking.

Triangle Communications provides two-way radios that facilitate employee location and direction, improve safety with information and alerts, and connect mobile work teams with supervisors, thereby expediting crew organization and materials delivery. Automated asset management tools enhance resource management to save time and money.

Minimize Downtime, Boost Safety, and Elevate Productivity. Construction sites are bustling environments with people, goods, equipment, vehicles, and materials constantly on the move. We can help optimize logistics, accelerate problem-solving, and enhance security, Triangle Communications offers wireless portable and mobile two-way radio systems, and other voice, video, and data solutions designed to streamline operations. Our goal is to help you maximize efficiency and increase safety, while reducing errors and miscommunications that create inefficiencies and drive-up costs.


Our service

Our two-way radio systems are user-friendly and deliver crystal clear communications. Brent and our team are responsible for installing and maintaining these systems. We install, test, repair, and upgrade radio frequency systems. We also assemble systems, test signal strength, maintain records, troubleshoot technical problems, and instruct customers on the proper equipment use.

The newest technology we offer is Hytera HALO, a Push-to-Talk over Cellular & Wi-Fi system that is currently revolutionizing “Nextel” type communications in conjunction with standard digital Two-Way Radio communications. The HALO product has nationwide coverage.

Triangle Communications works with work teams of all sizes across New Jersey to deploy the right solutions for on-site, as well as local and wide area networks. The right radios help mobilize labor and materials, which improves project efficiency. Our devices deliver superior sound quality and extended range, durability and reliability, noise-canceling, and advanced safety features.

Radios also optimize fleet coordination, which reduces time-to-destination and fuel costs.