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Radio Rentals


Radio Rentals:

You or your company occasionally may have a need for two-way radios. Triangle Communications can supply them for your special event.  If you already have radios, we can easily program radios to match your existing radios for additional units.

Custom Labeling:

Labels provide simple and concise information to help eliminate confusion, improve inventory control and organize your event. Triangle will customize labels to show the event name, department, group or individual names, assigned radio number, and channel information. All labels are custom designed to your requirements.

Inventory Control:

Our Inventory Control Sheets make it easy for you to keep track of the rental equipment.  Serial numbers from the rental agreement are listed on the sheet by radio number. This makes it easy to assign radios to your staff, but still track who has which serial number.

Delivery Available!

Pickup and return to (or if needed, delivery is available)

Triangle Communications
2362 Waldheim Ave
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Radio Rentals 
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