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Setina Manufacturing

Our Focus 
Setina Manufacturing Company is committed to providing value added services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them through our uncompromising adherence to the highest standards. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.
Excellence in Engineering
Setina Manufacturing Company has become one of the most Respected Names in the law enforcement industry, through our dedication to the highest standards in design and performance. For nearly 50 years our uncompromising adherence to Excellence in Engineering has set the foundations for our leading designs. In a competitive world we are proud to set the standards.
Advanced Computer Design and Innovation
Setina Manufacturing Company uses the latest in computer assisted design technology in our product development and in our manufacturing process. Setina Manufacturing Company’s network infrastructure rivals those of larger companies. Our high speed, gigabit and fiber optic network infrastructure allows our employees to work effectively and efficiently.
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Setina 10-S Sedan Horizontal Sliding Partition
Model: 10-S
Setina Manufacturing
We're Air Bag Compatible! 3- Piece Coated Scratch- Resistant Polycarbonate or C...
Setina 10-SXL Horizontal Sliding Partition
Model: 10-SXL
Setina Manufacturing
We're Air Bag Compatible! Our Original Suspended Mounting System anchors to veh...
Setina 10-SXL Xtra Horizontal Sliding Partition
Model: 10-SXL-Xtra
Setina Manufacturing
MAXIMUM CLEARANCE ENTRY & EXIT Our original Suspended Mounting System anchors t...
Setina 12vs Partition Heavy Duty Cargo Tray
Model: 12vs
Setina Manufacturing
Heavy Duty Cargo Tray Universal Design for SUV’s Easily Installed The top b...
Setina T-Rail Partition Mounted Blac-Rac Weapons Mount
Model: Blac-Rac
Setina Manufacturing
Single or Double Mounting Space-Saver Mounting Can handle a wide variety of...
Setina T-Rail Mounted Free Standing Mount
Model: FreeStanding
Setina Manufacturing
Single or Double Mounting Space-Saver Mounting The Free-Standing Weapon Mount a...
Setina Sedan Heavy Duty Trunk Tray
Model: HeavyDuty
Setina Manufacturing
Heavy Duty Trunk Tray Optional Firearms System   Setina’s NEW Combinat...
Setina T-Rail Partition Mounted Weapons System
Model: PartitionMounted
Setina Manufacturing
Single or Double Mounting Proven Value And Performance One Or Two Weapons C...
Setina PB-400 Pursuit Push Bumpers
Model: PB-400
Setina Manufacturing
Proven Value And Performance Original Heavy duty design Extra duty, high-...
Setina PB-450L LED Push Bumpers
Model: PB-450L
Setina Manufacturing
Proven Value And Performance Integrated Front LED Warning Lights, Recessed into...
Setina PB-5 Fender Protector
Model: PB-5
Setina Manufacturing
Proven Value And Performance Originally designed as a result of our long-standing a...
Setina PB-6 Fender Protector
Model: PB-6
Setina Manufacturing
Proven Value And Performance Heavy Duty Single Wrap-Around Headlight Guards wit...
Setina Stationary Single Prisoner
Model: SinglePrisoner
Setina Manufacturing
We're Air Bag Compatible Leaves open space behind driver for recline of driver’...
Setina Total Door Protection
Model: TotalDoor
Setina Manufacturing
Extreme Value in the Field Total Door Protection Panels Unique design preve...

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