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LED Hide-A-Blast Lighting

LED Hide-A-Blast Lighting
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Type: Lighting
Brand: Code 3
LED lightheads for auxiliary or undercover warning in head and tail lights.
  • LED lights have a longer operating life than strobes, reducing the frequency of replacement
  • Easy mounting simplifies installation and returns vehicles to the field quickly
  • 30 flash patterns provide more options for department use
  • Multiple colored LEDs allow use of the lights in both head light and tail light locations
Design Features:
  • 9 LEDs Per Lighthead
  • Amber, Blue, Red or White LEDs (Solid Color Modules Only)
  • Polycarbonate Clear Lens
  • 30 Flash Patterns
  • Multiple Heads can be Synchronized
  • Mounting can be Vertical or Horizontal
  • Self-contained and Sealed Control Module - No Need for a Separate Flasher Module
  • Universal Fit for All Vehicles
  • 15ยด Cable
  • Mounts in a 1" Hole (same size as a strobe tube)
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy Installation
  • Diameter of base is 1.5" or 38.1mm
  • Lens height is 1.072" or 27.23mm
  • 11-30 Volt DC, Negative or Positive Ground
  • 0.6 Amp Draw at 13.8 VDC
  • 5 Year Warranty


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