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Defender Light Bar

Defender Light Bar
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Type: Light Bars
Brand: Code 3
Superior From Every Angle
This World Class Bar is the brightest on the market with unparalleled straight and off-angle signal.
Increased Safety:
  • Extraordinary visibility to approaching traffic gives drivers extra time to move over or slow down.
  • Powerful scene coverage with TriCore takedowns and alleys for traffic stops and searches, especially at night.
  • Improved confidence when entering intersections or areas with limited off-angle visibility.
  • Continuous lightbar operation if an individual lighthead should go out.
  • Better lightbar signal control in any situation with Dimming mode and independent front and back light operation.
Design Features:
  • Innovative Patented Lighthead Design
  • 2-2.5x Brighter than any Lightbar at Key 45° and 60° Intersection Angles
  • Far Brighter Alley and Takedown Lights than Traditional Halogen or LEDs
  • 2 Times Brighter Signal from Rear of the Lightbar
  • Advanced Central Control Circuitry
  • Improved Control of Signal Brightness–Dimming Mode Meets SAE Safety Standards
  • Superior Thermal Management Runs Cooler Than Other Lightbars
  • Universal Lighthead Design
  • New Modular Lens System for Creating Lightbars of Virtually Any Length
  • Efficient Inverted Lens Design for Quick Access to Interior
  • Black Intermolded Solar Barrier
  • 2 Times Stronger Frame
  • Patented Gasket Sealing System
*When ordering the Serial Interface option it is recommended that the 600 series software be used instead of the 800 series
Standard Options:
  • 2.7" or 5.2" TriCore Lightheads Available in Red, Blue, Amber, or White
  • Red, Blue, or Amber Intermolded Solar Barrier (top of lens)
  • TriCore Takedowns and Alleys
  • When ordering the Serial Interface option it is recommended that the 600 series software be used instead of the 800 series
  • Lengths: 23" (584 mm), 35" (889 mm), 36" (914 mm), 44" (1118 mm), 47" (1194 mm), 48" (1219 mm), 52" (1321 mm), 58" (1473 mm), 70" (1778 mm), 82" (2083 mm), 94" (2388 mm) 13.5" D x 2.25" H (343 x 57mm)
  • 5-Year Warranty on TriCore Lightheads
  • 12 Volt
  • Meets Applicable SAE J845, NFPA, California Title 13 and ECE65 Specifications when Properly Configured.
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 7,153,015 & 7,300,175


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