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2362 Waldheim Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Lund Industries

For over 30 years, Lund has been a leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and distribution of public safety vehicular equipment to Federal, State and Local agenices throughout the nation.

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HC-Series Horizontal Console
Model: AR-EXPL11
Lund Industries
2011- Newer Ford Explorer w/factory console. Replaces arm rest and provides 10” of equi...
Trunk Tray - CAP-TRAY-21
Model: CAP-TRAY-21
Lund Industries
21” x 16” Chevy Caprice Slide out Trunk Tray   Compatible Vehi...
Trunk Tray - FDRS-CGR11
Model: FDRS-CGR11
Lund Industries
Fold Down Rear Seat-back Equipment Tray for ’11+ Dodge Charger   Compatibl...
Trunk Tray - FDRS-FPI-SSO
Lund Industries
The FDRS-PI-SSO is an innovative equipment mounting solution for the Interceptor sedan ...
The Loft Electronics Tray
Model: LoftElectronicsTray
Lund Industries
THE LOFT Electronics Storage and Equipment Compartment   Patent P...
The Loft Gun Vault
Model: LoftGunVault
Lund Industries
THE LOFT Gun Vault Compartment   Patent Pending THE LOF...
Pocket Jet Mobile Printer
Lund Industries
Brother PocketJet mobile printer case with armrest pad.   PPJ-CASE Bro...
Printer Mount
Lund Industries
H/D Flip up Armrest with Brother PJ6 PocketJet latching Roll fed Printer mount for Vert...
Trunk Storage
Model: RBV-1620-12E
Lund Industries
The RBV-1620-12 is the perfect size to hold and secure a standard “range bag”...
Secure Stor Trunk Storage
Model: SSTB-2042RM
Lund Industries
The raised mount 20” x 42” vault allows easy access to the spare tire and provides spac...
Trunk Tray - ST-CGR11
Model: ST-CGR11
Lund Industries
Side Trunk Equipment Tray for 2011 Dodge Charger – 17” x 18”   Compatible ...
VC-Series Vertical Console
Model: VC-CAP
Lund Industries
13” Vertical Console, 9” Rear height with 26 degree front slope and top mount platform....
VH Series Tactical Console - VH-CGR11
Model: VH-CGR11
Lund Industries
2011-Newer Dodge Charger 5” Tactical Console 7” front height and 60 degree slope, and 3...
VH Series Tactical Console - VH-FPI-S24
Model: VH-FPI-S24
Lund Industries
The VH-FPI-S24 7.75” Tactical Console for the all new Ford Police Interceptor Sedan fea...
VH Series Tactical Console - VH-FPI-U24
Model: VH-FPI-U24
Lund Industries
The VH-FPI-U24 7.75” Tactical Console for the all new Ford Police Interceptor Utility f...

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