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Antenna Plus Products

The AP Navigator Family: Simplicity, Powerful, Great Value
The AP-Navigator Family is a collection of low profile units that incorporate a Timble 12 Channel GPS receiver and GPS Antenna.  Then, based on which one you choose, we can add in a cellular antenna and/or a WiFi antenna to extend the coverage of your other wireless technologies.
These solutions are ideal for: 
  • Power users of rugged laptops with docking stations who need to best preformance from their cellular, WiFi and GPS (AP Navigator 4X).   
  • Wireless PC Card users (like an AirCard) who wish to add on GPS capabilities for AVL tracking and extend the cellular coverage (AP Navigator – Cellular). 
  • People who want to add on GPS and AVL capabilities after their radio deployment (AP Navigator – GPS)    
  • No matter which one you use, it will always be in our low profile design that lasts a very long time.

Combo Antennas:

Antenna Plus makes cellular, GPS and WiFi antennas.  Like all of our antenna solutions, we use a low profile design to ensure the longest product life.
All you need to do is determine which technologies you need antennas for and we can combine them into one housing for simple installation.
These are ideal for people who use: 
  • Wireless PC Cards (like an AirCard) 
  • Rugged Trunk Modems 
  • Embedded Wireless in Rugged laptops such as Panasonic and Itronix in conjunction with a docking station 
  • Wireless Mobile Access Routers (MAR’s) such as Cisco, Junxion, and others

WiFi Modem/Antennas:
Antenna Plus has created an external 802.11 b/g modem and antenna.  It is the ideal solution for customers who have vehicle based solutions and need the best WiFi connectivity from the vehicle to reach their corporate access nodes, or extend the ability to communicate with the vehicle in a peer-to-peer situation with greater distance.
Since the modem and antenna are together, there is no signal loss along a cable.  With this solution, the your signal is outside of the vehicle, thus avoiding vehicular shielding.  Then, we add a 3 dB gain to the antenna, resulting in the fastest WiFi speeds and greatest distance to push out downloads at your station, or transfer video.

Private Radio Antennas:
Antenna Plus makes a number of different low profile antennas in the 400, 700, 800, and 900 MHz frequencies.  We can add in a GPS antenna as well as WiFi.  With some of these, we can even add in a GPS receiver (the Navigator Family) to provide a complete GPS/AVL hardware solution.


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